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Advanced WordPress Optimization

Advanced WordPress Optimization

Although WordPress optimization may seem a bit scary, here are some ways to go

We will teach you how to optimize your WordPress website better.

This will reduce the CPU usage as well as speed up your website.

To evaluate your site first, we introduce you to two online tools.

Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights :

This powerful Google tool first evaluates your website thoroughly and then offers tips for optimizing and improving your website.

Step-by-step tutorials often accompany these tips, and you can use these tutorials and optimize your website.

Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test :

This tool also analyzes your website and shows you the factors that slow down your site.

You can use this tool to optimize your website’s loading speed, and your website will load faster.

You can also use this tool to identify large files that are problematic for your site’s speed.

In general, it is recommended to analyze both tools and use their recommendations to optimize your site.

Restrict plugins

When you are working on optimizing your website, you should be aware of plugins.

Because the more plugins you use, the slower your site will be.

First, check your plugins and see what you can do without using the plugin.

This means that your website no longer needs that plugin and can work properly without that plugin.

for example :

If you use the plugin to find broken links on your WordPress website, you can

Use sites that do this online and no longer need to use plugins

For example, this website Broken Link Checker does the work of finding broken links for you gives

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