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Joomla SEO Optimization

Joomla is a popular CMS that is extensible and has different settings

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items

It also increases the speed and, as a result, better SEO of your site

These suggestions will not make your website Cpu Usage normal, but it will be

Reduce your CPU usage drastically.

Enable Caching

This is the most important part of optimizing your website.

You can cache your website requests, and this will improve the speed of your site visits.

So do not forget that the first step in optimizing a website is to activate the caching system.

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Avoid Image-Heavy Templates

Some templates may look great, but they can show up to 70 photos per request.

Each of these requests sends an HTTP Connection to the server.

When your site traffic increases, your server consumes a lot of CPU and your server load increases sharply.

So the first step is to get rid of high-quality photos on your website.

Disable Gzip Compression

The CPU compresses and sends the page to the user before sending it.

If you enable Gzip compression, an extra charge will be placed on the Cpu for each request.

Use Components Sparingly

Many components consume high CPUs and cause the lamb server to load high.

So make sure you use the fewest components on your website.

In fact, with the few components that your website can work well.

Avoid Statistics Components

Do not use statistics to view components.

These statisticians use many SQL queries to provide instant statistics.

This increases CPU consumption as well as I / O

You can use Awstats and Google Analytics, which are standard statisticians.

Optimize Forums

If you use forum extensions like FireBoard or the like

Make sure visitors sign up before they can view or post.

Also, use the captcha code to reduce the activity of spammers in your forum.

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