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Here’s the guide for the Customizer section of your Aida theme that you can use on your website:

Section: Customizing ▸ Appearance

Menu Items in this Section with their Descriptions:

  1. Global Colors 🎨
    Description: In this menu, you can customize the overall color scheme of your website. This includes the background colors for the body and content.
  2. Website Background 🌄
    Description: This menu allows you to set the background options for the website body in a boxed layout. You can enable or disable the background and define its color.
  3. Content Background 🌈
    Description: Customize the color of the content background using this menu. You can specify the desired color for the content area.
  4. Website Frame 🖼️
    Description: Enable or disable a frame around your website using this menu. The website frame adds a border or container around the site.
  5. Skin options 🎵
    Description: Adjust the default skin for self-hosted video and audio players in this menu. Choose between dark or light skins for a consistent player style.
  6. Mobile Browsers 📱
    Description: Set the color of the address bar and toolbar in mobile browsers using this menu. You can customize it with a specific color or use a global primary color.
  7. Forms 📝
    Description: Customize the appearance of forms in this menu. You can specify the display of input fields and choose a skin for all comment forms. Enable labels to add them to the comment form.
  8. Sidebars 📚
    Description: Modify the appearance and style of sidebars in this menu. Customize the widget titles for normal and hover states. Adjust the global typography for sidebars. Enable toggling of widgets in sidebars.

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