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To access the Customizer, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the left-hand toolbar. Click on “Customize”.
Once the Customizer opens, look for the “General” and “General Layout” option in the left-hand menu and select it.

General Layout Settings in the WordPress Customizer allow you to customize the display and layout of your website. Here, we will cover a section of settings that includes “Website Layout” and “Site Max Width”.

Website Layout: In this section, you can determine how your website content is displayed. There are two common options for these settings:

  1. “Boxed”: In this mode, the website content is contained within a box, and it is surrounded by a specified margin. 📦
  2. “Full Width”: In this mode, the website content is displayed fully across the screen without any width limitations.🌐

Site Max Width: This setting allows you to define the maximum width that your website occupies on the screen. By setting this width, you can restrict the display of your website to a certain limit and prevent infinite content expansion.

To configure the overall appearance settings of your website, navigate to the Customizer section in your WordPress dashboard and modify these settings according to your requirements.

Please note that the specific settings and options may vary based on the WordPress theme you are using. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to the documentation and guides provided by your theme developer to understand the precise configuration options available in your theme.

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