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Page Options

These options allow you to customize the appearance of your page using the available tools in Aida Theme, such as layout, sidebar, header, title bar, background, slider, footer, and advanced settings in pages.

Section: Customizing Page Options By customizing Page Options, you can manage your page layout, including sidebar location, title bar settings, content width, etc.

To access Page Options:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel.🪟
  2. Click on “Pages” in the Dashboard.🗐
  3. Click on “Add New”.✅
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find “Page Options”.🤝

Menu Items in this Section:

  1. Layout Options:
    • Content Layout: Choose between “Full” to fill the full width of the page or other available options.
    • Sidebar Layout: Specify the position of the sidebar on this page.
    • Sidebar Style: Choose the style of the sidebar on this page.
    • Display Content Top Margin: Control whether to display a space between the title and content.
    • Display “Go to Top” Button: Enable to display a “Go to Top” button.
    • Custom Page Max Width: Set the maximum width for this page.
    • Footer Brand Image: Add an image that appears as the site brand image in the footer section.
  2. Custom Logo:
    • Page Logo: Upload the main logo that appears only on this page.
    • Page Secondary Logo: Upload the secondary logo that appears when the header becomes sticky.
    • Page Logo Width: Specify the maximum width of the logo image in pixels.
  3. Header Templates:
    • Use Legacy Header: Disable to replace the header section with an Elementor template.
  4. Header Templates Settings:
    • Enable Overlay Header: Set an overlay header for this page.
    • Enable Sticky Header: Pin the header menu to the top.
  5. Title Bar Setting:
    • Display Title Bar Section: Choose “Yes” to customize the title bar of this page or “No” to turn it off.
  6. Background Setting:
    • Enable Background: Display a custom background for this page. Set the site layout to “Boxed” to see the custom background.
  7. Slider Options:
    • Page Slider: Select the slider to display at the top of the page.
    • Slider Top Margin: Set the height of empty space above the page slider.
    • Slider Bottom Margin: Set the height of empty space below the page slider.
  8. Page Template Setting:
    • Page Content Location: Specify where the dynamic page content should appear in comparison with the template content.
  9. Footer Templates:
    • Use Legacy Footer: Disable to replace the footer section with an Elementor template.
  10. Footer Templates Settings:
    • Footer Copyright Text: Enter your copyright text to display in the footer.
    • Show Aida Attribution: Show the “Powered By Aida” text with a link to Aida homepage in the footer.
    • Enable Sticky Footer: Pin the footer and subfooter to the bottom of the website.
  11. Advanced Setting:
    • Custom CSS Class Name for Body: Define a custom CSS class name for this page.
    • Custom CSS Code: Add custom CSS code that will be applied only to this page.
    • Custom JavaScript Code: Add custom JavaScript code that will be applied only to this page.
    • Extra Google Font 1: Load an extra Google font for this page.
    • Extra Google Font 2: Load an extra Google font for this page.

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