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Email settings for Android phones

Email settings for Android phones

The article you are reading will guide you on how to set up your email on Android phones.

This tutorial includes both the default email client and K-9 Mail, which is an add-on software.

Use Default Email Client

1- Open your client email

android email client

2. Enter the full email address and password as shown below

android account login

3. Select the IMAP option.

android account type

4. In the last settings, complete the following information

Username: Enter the email address

Password: Enter your email address

IMAP server: Enter the full email address

Port: Port number: 143

Security Type: Set this field to none

IMAP path prefix: Leave this field blank.

android account settings

5. Click on next. At this moment, the email client will check your settings and connect to your account.

K-9 Mail settings
Open Google Play Store
Find and install K-9 Mail


3. Enter the full email address and password as shown.


4. Select the IMAP option


5. In the final settings, complete the following information.

IMAP server – Enter the email address along with the server face to face
Security – none option
Port – Port number 143
Username – Enter the email address
Authentication – Select the Password, transmitted option insecurely.
Password – Enter the desired email password
Auto-detect IMAP namespace – Check this box
IMAP path prefix – Leave this option blank


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