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Domain Verification and Activation

Hexonet International Domain Verification and Activation Guide

After registering the international domain, you must confirm the confirmation email sent by the registrar to activate the domain, but the domain is active first And you have a few days to confirm the domain if you see the image below when you visit your domain

If you see this image please turn on your IP change software

If you encounter this Domain Suspension page after turning on the IP change software, it means that the domain email has not been confirmed, check this page and click on Resend Verification Email to send you the email again.

Then log in to your email account and check both the inbox and Spam folders. You should have received an email with Registrant Verification, usually between 10 You will receive the email up to 15 minutes later.

[vc_m essage style = “square”] 01. Find and open the email [/vc_message]

02. Click on the specified link as shown in the image. Note that if you received the email in the Spam folder, the link may not be active. You must copy the link in the browser’s URL or first remove the email from the spam, then when it is transferred to the Inbox, click on the link.

03. Seeing the green message titled Domain Approval means the domain verification has been completed successfully and the domain will be activated immediately.

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