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Extras Setting

Here’s the guide for the Customizer section of Aida theme. It provides a summary of each menu and its functionalities:

1- Go to Top Button:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Go to Top Button

Summary: This menu allows you to display a “Go to Top” button on your website. By enabling this option, the button will be shown. You can choose whether to animate or instantly scroll to the top of the page when the button is clicked. Additionally, you can specify the position of the Go to Top button (Left, Center, Right).

2- Performance:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Performance

Summary: This menu provides performance optimization options for your website. You can choose whether to preload images to reduce page loading time or load them normally.

3- Breadcrumbs:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Breadcrumbs

Summary: This menu offers general options for breadcrumbs navigation on your site. You can set the maximum length of the breadcrumb text to 30 characters.

4- Login Page:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Login Page

Summary: This menu allows customization of the login page. You can choose a skin for the login page, enter a message to display above the login form, add a logo (up to 320px wide), specify the dimensions of the logo image, enable a custom background, define a custom CSS class name for the login page, and apply custom CSS styles.

5- 404 Page:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ 404 Page

Summary: This menu enables you to specify a page to display as the 404 error page.

6- Maintenance or Comingsoon Page:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Maintenance or Comingsoon Page

Summary: This menu allows you to manually enable the Maintenance or Comingsoon mode for your website.

7- Search Results:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Search Results

Summary: This menu provides options related to search results. You can exclude specific post types from the search results, exclude posts without a featured image, and include additional posts by specifying their Post IDs separated by commas.

8- Import/Export:
Menu: Customizing ▸ Extras ▸ Import/Export

Summary: This menu offers options to export and import theme settings. You can export your theme options code for later import or paste the exported theme options code to import into the theme.

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