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Wildcard DNS creation tutorial

Wildcard DNS creation tutorial

Before we move on to creating a Wildcard DNS

We first need to understand what the Wildcard DNS concept is and where it is used.

You may have heard of Wildcard under different names, such as Wildcard subdomains or Wildcard DNS or Wildcard SSL.

Here we are dealing with Wildcard DNS.

Wildcard DNS is a DNS record that is created in the DNS Zone.

It takes all the requests and, if there is a subdomain request, displays it.

Wherever you need to have many subdomains, Wildcard will help you.

For example, blogging systems need to create a subdomain for each user.

Or large sites that require many subdomains such as SMS or help or FTP and so on

For example, in blogging systems such as the Persian blog, each user has his own subdomain after registration.

For example, when we registered on the Persian blog, we were given this address

Create Wildcard DNS via Cpanel

To do this, first log in to your cpanel account and click on Zone Editor from the domains section

wildcard dns

On the new page, click Add Record and select Add A Record.

wildcard dns add a record
wildcard dns

In this section, we mark (*) that after clicking on other sections, the domain will become *
In this section, we have to enter the IP hosts.
Finally, click on Add Record.

Here is the DNS record you want

Finally, you should note that not all companies allow the use of Woldcard on shared hosts.

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