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International Domain Cycle

📚 Discover the fascinating lifecycle of com, net, and org domains! From their availability to active registration, the potential expiration, redemption grace period, and finally the pending deletion phase, each stage plays a vital role in the dynamic world of domain management. Let’s explore this captivating journey together!

Domain Lifecycle of com, net, and org:

🔓 Available: In this stage, the domain is up for grabs, and anyone can register it under their desired name.

Active: Once registered, the domain enters the active phase. The owner has the freedom to renew it at any time. The renewal period extends the domain’s validity, which can range from 1 to 10 years.

Expired: If the domain isn’t renewed during the active phase, it expires and becomes inactive. However, the domain owner still has the option to revive it by paying the renewal fee and bringing it back to the active state.

🔄 Redemption Grace Period: After 45 days from the domain’s expiration date, a 30-day redemption period begins. The domain remains inactive during this period, and only the owner can renew it by paying a penalty fee.

🗑️ Pending Deletion: Following the redemption grace period, a 5-day pending deletion phase begins. Even the domain owner cannot renew it during this period. Once this period concludes, the domain becomes available for re-registration by anyone.

Thus, the lifecycle of com, net, and org domains involves a journey from being available to active, and potentially expiring if not renewed. After a redemption grace period, the domain enters a pending deletion phase before becoming available for registration again.

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