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Directory Privacy Tutorial in Cpanel

Directory Privacy option allows you to put a username and password on the directory you want

When the user wants to access that directory or folder, the dialogue box opens and asks for that username and password.

This option helps us to password protect the folders that are of great importance to us.

To access Directory Privacy, just select Directory Privacy from the Files section.


Click on the directory you want in the new page

[vc_ image = “894” img_size = “full” alignment = “center”]

Checking this will activate the password.
Enter the name of the folder you want to protect
Enter the desired username
Enter the password for the username
Repeat the password
Click the save button to create your user.

Note that these settings are stored in access and password, thus protecting your folder.

From now on, whenever a user wants to access the desired folder, he / she will be asked for a username and password.


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