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Page Templates

Using these Page Templates, you can quickly create pages with various layouts and styles, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your website.

Section: Page Templates Aida Theme offers a variety of Page Templates that you can use to create new pages with dynamic content for different purposes. These templates provide predefined layouts and styles, allowing you to build pages without the need to add extensive content in the editor.

Here is a list of available templates in the Aida Theme:

  1. Default: This is the default page template provided by the theme.
  2. Template 1: A predefined layout for creating pages with a specific design.
  3. Template 2: Another predefined layout option with a unique style.
  4. Template 3: A different layout option that you can use for your pages.
  5. Template 4: Yet another predefined layout to choose from.
  6. Grid: A template suitable for creating grid-style pages.
  7. Masonry: This template enables you to create pages with a masonry layout.
  8. Timeline: Use this template to create pages with a timeline design.
  9. Land: A specialized template for creating landing pages.
  10. Tiles: A template that allows you to create pages with a tiled layout.

By selecting a specific Page Template, you can easily change the appearance of your page. To assign a template to a page, follow these steps:

  1. Open the page in the WordPress Text Editor.
  2. On the right side, below the publish button, locate the meta box called “Page Attributes”.
  3. Within the “Template” dropdown menu, select the desired template for your page.

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