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International Domain Cycle

The diagram below shows the life cycle of domains according to ICANN rules.

This cycle is related to the com, net, org domains, and the life cycle of their domains is different from the IRNIC theory of theoretical physics.

Free (Available): In this period, the domain is free to register, and anyone can register the domain in their own name.

Active: The domain is active during this period, and the owner can renew it at any time. The renewal period will be added to the end of the domain validity period. The validity period of the domain can be between 1 to 10 years.

Expired: The domain will be deactivated if the domain is not renewed while the dumbbell is active.

Note that the domain owner can renew the domain during this period and return it to active mode by paying the renewal fee.

Redemption Grace Period: After 45 days from the domain’s expiration date, this 30-day period begins. Expired period The domain is inactive. During this period, domain renewal is possible only by the domain owner and by paying the renewal fee’s penalty.

Pending Deletion: During this 5-day period, even the domain owner cannot renew the domain, and after this, The domain period will be released for re-registration by everyone and will be available in the first mode, i.e. Available.

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